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Welcome to Kitchen Renovation Quotes, one of Australia’s prestige kitchen renovation companies. Here at KRQ we are dedicated to providing our clients with honest, thorough and high-quality building renovations. While our speciality is renovating old kitchens, we are also in the business of home renovations and garden maintenance among other services.

We pride ourselves in our work and are dedicated to creating as little waste as possible. We live in an incredibly wasteful, ‘throw-away’ society and KRQ endeavour to do their part by improving existing kitchens, bathroom renovations and buildings where possible. Quite often all a building or room requires is a little bit of TLC, some new furnishing and a lick of paint to bring it back to life. What are you looking for?

Is your kitchen or home feeling a little dated and worn out? If you’ve been using the same kitchen surface for the last 8-10 years or so and you’re feeling a little bored of it, perhaps it’s time for a referb? Has your wife been riding you about buying her a new kitchen for a while now and you simply haven’t had the funds to afford it? Well don’t you worry yourself any longer because the team at KRQ might have the solutions to your problem!

The fact of the matter is, renovating your kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be an extremely expensive endeavour. In fact, if you plan your renovation thoroughly and approach the right team of professionals then you can most certainly make significant savings. We are passionate and dedicated to what we do and pride ourselves in helping people transform their homes. Whatever you are looking for, simply share your goals and ideas with us and we will begin the transformation of turning those dreams into a reality.

KRQ has a magnificent team of carpenters that specialise in taking old units and improving them. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen but you are working on a bit of a budget, we can generally work with the majority of the kitchen and update it as it stands. All you need to do is update your appliances and enjoy the show.

We service much of the surrounding region and tend to stay relatively local; however we are on occasion prepared to go that extra mile for specific jobs. If you are interested in our services but feel as though you’re likely out of our catchment area; worry not – simply get in touch with us and give us a rough idea as to what you are looking for, the size of the job and your available budget and we will get back to you.

So what are you waiting for? You should feel inspired every time you step into the kitchen! It’s time to renovate the old, miserable looking rooms and turn them into modern and sleeker versions. We can’t wait to hear from you.

The Best Kitchen Furniture Suppliers

Renovating the kitchen can be as simple as adding a few appliances, new pieces of furniture and a lick of paint. If you’re looking to perform a simple makeover, our team of highly trained experts can advise on the best products and materials to use when redecorating. And should you wish to leave the hard work to those who known best, then our professional team will be on hand to conduct the building work for you.

So if you’re looking to buy anything from glass splashbacks and kitchen sinks, we will be happy to offer our consultation on what to buy, and where to buy it.